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1st ROKO Farming Newsletter 2021

What has happened in the last few weeks:


Since we needed a bigger hall for our plant, we moved from Ulm to Elchingen at the end of January. Here we have the perfect conditions: 100sqm industrial hall plus 25sqm office space.


Our goal is to get our pilot plant up and running as soon as possible, because we need to produce and deliver our orders from the crowdfunding campaign. To do this, we have invested heavily. Based on our drawings, parts lists and 3D models, 95% of our components have been ordered, the frame for our pilot plant has been built and the majority of the orders have been delivered. The goal is to have the pilot plant up and running by mid-April and start producing the first salads and herbs.

In order to get quick prototypes of individual components, we are busy printing with our 3D printer. This gives us the opportunity to test our 3D designs directly in practice without having to rely on suppliers. This approach makes testing efficient.

For the control system, we decided on a PLC control with WAGO components.

After minor technical modifications, we installed a fertilizer computer that automatically regulates the PH and EC value of the nutrient solution.


Vertical farming only becomes really interesting when calorie-rich plants are cultivated economically. That's why we are currently conducting an experiment with potatoes. Protein-containing plants such as lentils, beans and peas will follow. You can look forward to the results.

Social Impact Lab Stuttgart:

The support provided by the Social Impact Lab Stuttgart is very valuable for us. We receive informative coaching sessions on various topics.


As you can see, we have rebuilt our homepage. We are happy with our first design. If you have any feedback, please let us know.

If you know someone who knows someone....

... who knows about linear axis systems or even develops them

... who can create larger 3D models

... who is a potential interview partner (farmers, local politicians, food retailers, farmers)

--> Then you are welcome to network us :-)

As they say in Start Up language: Stay Tuned!

Sascha and Philip from ROKO Farming


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