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We are looking for working students!


Are you looking for an exciting job to earn some extra money and gain unique experience?


Then send us an unsolicited application with a cover letter, conveniently by e-mail.


What do you need to do?


Write to us in an informal e-mail to Write to us,

  • what skills you have

  • which skills you would like to learn

  • why you want to be part of the ROKO Farming Team


We are currently looking for personalities with the following skills in the specialist areas listed below:



  • Organizational talent

  • Foreign languages

  • Perseverance and a thirst for research

  • creativity

  • ability to work in a team


Specialist areas:


  • Mechanical engineering, process engineering

  • Agricultural sciences, plant biotechnology

  • Biotechnology, biochemistry, genetic engineering

  • Electrical engineering

  • Control and automation technology

  • Programming and network administration

  • CAD design

  • Computer simulation with Matlab or similar software

  • Marketing and sales

  • Website, social media, public relations, design

  • Production and prototype design with 3D printing techniques

  • Project management, economics


We look forward to receiving your application.


Simply send an e-mail without attachments to


We also accept neutral applications.


Data protection notice: Your application will be deleted from the system eight weeks after receipt and can no longer be viewed.

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