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Create the basics now - with ROKO Farming xFactory

ROKO Farming will exhibit the world's first Polyponics research module at VertiFarm. Visit us at 5.D14d.

The xFactory is the world's first polyponics research module. In one square meter of floor space, growing conditions can be studied in a controllable environment for each crop. Each crop is different, each crop needs its own growing conditions and each crop needs specific light and irrigation cycles. To find the right parameters for the variety of crops, ROKO Farming has developed the xFactory.

With the world's first polyponics system, four different irrigation methods can be set to match the growth phase precisely. In addition, the xFactory is equipped with spectrally adjustable LED lights from DH Licht. This makes it possible to imitate the time of day and the seasons. Thus, the xFactory offers endless possibilities in the smallest possible space to find the perfect or most economical growing conditions for each crop.

ROKO Farming xFactory Closeup
ROKO Farming xFactory Closeup

KPIs such as electricity consumption per calorie produced or water used per mass harvested can be used in the future for the design of larger farms and allow their economic operating points to be determined in advance. The xFactory thus lays the foundations for the future of agriculture and indoor farming.

xFactory with different crops and lights


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