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ROKO Farming approach successfully tested

After several months of development work, we were able to test the ROKO Farming approach extensively and on a larger scale with our pilot plant in the last three months.

We did not want to limit ourselves to basil or microgreens, but also cultivate lettuce, romaine lettuce, dill and parsley on a multi-product system.

We were encouraged by the results:

In a ROKO Farming cube with the dimensions of 2x2x2 m³, we produced nearly 50 kg of fresh, tasty and uncontaminated greens in 79 days without the use of pesticides.

We have set ourselves the goal of cultivating 1000 plants continuously. Whether we have succeeded and other results we will describe in more detail in early 2022. Then we will also go into more detail about electricity, fertilizer and water consumption.

ROKO Farming approach
ROKO Farming approach


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