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ROKO Farming harvests potatoes, strawberries, spinach and basil

We have harvested our first crops!

We believe that vertical farming can do more than just herbs!

For this reason we decided to cultivate potatoes!

Here you can see our result. It should be noted that this was a small scale experiment. It took 58 days until the harvest.

Fresh, locally produced strawberries in winter would be a dream! We want to realize this and are currently working on a concept. Since 29.04 we have used our strawberry seedlings and the result is now impressive:

Every day we harvest about 200 grams.

Here you can see our first strawberry!

We love spinach because it is a low-calorie vegetable rich in B group vitamins as well as vitamin C. For this reason, we have used spinach in our prototype since 14.05. The harvest here is also impressive. After one month we have harvested a total of 1000 grams.

Of course, basil can't be missing from a vertical farm. Did you know that basil relieves inflammation and joint pain, reduces stress and soothes the stomach?

After 1 month we have harvested 20 basil plants.

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