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Consulting for Farmers and others

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Leistungen und Produkte

As specialist engineers and project managers, we take on all the necessary work packages for your indoor farming project:

  • Engineering

  • Project management

  • General planning

  • Concept creation

  • Profitability calculation

  • Feasibility study

ROKO Farming bei der Arbeit
ROKO Farmings erster Kunde

The ROKO farming technology is particularly suitable for farms and horticultural companies:

  • Integration in existing buildings

  • Optimal use of existing energy sources

  • Easy integration into existing sales structures

  • Less time required thanks to optimized processes


Our ROKOntainer is perfect for small businesses with an attached farm shop and vending machine.
Our ROKOntainer can be immediately integrated into existing work structures as a plug-and-play solution.

Key figures:

  • Size: 15 to 20 feet container

  • Yield: depending on crop

  • Fully automated 

  • Daily workload: depending

  • Electricity consumption: depending

  • Price: Available upon request

  • Delivery Time: Available upon request

ROKO Farming Container Lösung einfaches Beispiel
xFactory - ROKO Farming

Would you like to cultivate a special plant in an indoor farming system?

However, you do not know what factors are necessary for successful cultivation?


Then benefit from our know-how and commission us quickly and unbureaucratically.

Indoor farming offers new application possibilities for many industries.

Contact us if you would like to find out more about the opportunities in the following industries:

  • Pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries

  • Gastronomy and tourism

  • Cruise and cargo ships

  • Aerospace

Cannabis Research and Production
Weitere Chancen
ROKO Farming
ROKO Farming Logo

ROKO Farming means "Rolling Continuous Farming".

It is made up of the four modules "Vertical Farming", "Conveyor Belt", "Aeroponics" and

"IoT hardware and software" together.

With this combination, ROKO Farming Systems achieve 20% more yield per m² of growth area, with low investment and operating costs at the same time.

  • Up to 300x greater space efficiency

  • No use of pesticides

  • Allows year-round cultivation

  • Regardless of external conditions

  • Consistent high quality

  • Low germ load

ROKO Farming Anlage
Vertical Farming
ROKO Farmings Förderband Mechanismus
  • Easy handling

  • Optimized use of space

  • Continuous production

  • Low risk of contamination

  • Up to 99.5% less water use

  • Up to 70% less fertilizer use

  • Faster growth through optimized nutrient absorption

Aeroponik von ROKO Farming
ROKO Farming IOT Steuerung
  • Use of existing IoT hardware and software

  • Low investment costs

  • Control via tablet or smartphone app

Über Uns


Renaturation - vertical farming becomes sustainable,

if one proactively renatures the theoretically saved areas.

Made in Germany

Single source

ROKO Farming develops and produces the necessary software and hardware. This means that all components are perfectly matched to one another. You get a long-lasting system from a single source.

Aerial View of Forest

Made in Germany

For ROKO Farming, regionality does not end at the fruit and vegetable stand. In all of our business processes, we focus on short delivery routes and the associated better quality and lower transport costs. With our high level of vertical integration, we are independent of foreign producers.

ROKO Farming Pilot Plant

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